The Path

Sometimes there are decisions to make. The passing of a loved one creates many responsibilities. The highest of those responsibilities is usually the most pressing. We would like to offer an opportunity for remembrance recognition and respect in an ecologically designed space in the Circle Of Life Memorial Reef as your solution.  Click here for prices and options. This is another project by Gary Levine who conceived and then created the first large multi-person opportunity as a memorial reef. Through that process, he learned and got some advanced ideas of what it will take to create a memorial reef and establish a vibrant marine habitat alive with beautiful ocean creatures of all kinds.

When I decided to build this second major artificial reef memorial, I thought about it, dreamed about it, and then designed it. The vision became a goal. The goal will become a reality because it is possible to achieve that goal.

Why was it named  “The Circle of Life”?

The Circle of Life is a powerful reminder of life’s infinite continuity, unity, and wholeness.   As one of the oldest symbols in history, the circle symbolizes that life is eternal and never-ending—that what begins will always come back around again.

The Circle represents wholeness — it has no beginning nor end, suggesting that anything inside it has complete integrity. A full circle represents completeness throughout our journey in life.

It represents the continuous cycle of living, dying, and rebirth that permeates all things on this Earth. This ancient symbol reminds us that nothing ever truly dies – it just takes form in another way, continuing to exist in some capacity forever.

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