The Materials:

Limestone, concrete, and steel are the very best materials for an artificial reef.

  1. Durability: These materials are highly durable and can withstand harsh marine environments, such as strong currents, waves, and saltwater.
  2. Porosity: Limestone and concrete are porous materials, allowing for the growth of coral and other marine species, creating habitats, and supporting marine life.
  3. Stability: Steel is an extremely stable material that can resist the movement of water currents and provides a solid substrate for marine species to grow.
  4. Availability: These materials are widely available and cost-effective compared to other reef-building materials, making them an ideal option for creating large-scale artificial reefs.
  5. Environmental benefits: By creating artificial reefs from these materials, we can reduce the pressure on natural coral reefs, which are already under threat from climate change, pollution, and overfishing.

The design of the Celebration Reef has never been used in an underwater memorial. It is founded on the principles of sustainable reef ecology. It is a plan that will set a new standard for artificial reef projects.